How Additional Covers Can Add Value to Your Two Wheeler Insurance

2 Wheeler insurance policy is a should for individuals who commute daily utilizing their bikes. The plan insures you in situation of individual accident (death or irreversible total impairment of the owner/driver), loss, damage, theft of your car, as well as additionally covers you for third party obligation. But the plan has more to supply with additional covers.

The basic two wheeler policy can be purchased for approximately 1 year, while the Long term 2 wheeler insurance plan can be availed for as much as 3 years. The additional covers can be availed when you either get or restore your bike insurance coverage, but not throughout the regard to the policy. These expansions offer maximum coverage for your bike.

Following are several of the usual added covers available that you must obtain for your two wheeler and which can include even more value to your 2 wheeler insurance plan.

1. No or Nil devaluation cover

Depreciation is the reduction in the cost of the assets over a time period because of damage. An absolutely no depreciation cover adds extra protection to your existing policy by covering depreciation value together with the whole claim for your loss, damage and theft. It additionally covers the repair work or replacement expense of spare components i.e. plastic, rubber as well as fiber parts of your bike.

2. Personal mishap cover for pillion riders

The standard bike insurance policy covers the owner/driver of the automobile while driving. Yet the mishap that involved your bike may be serious as well as might harm the co-passenger creating him/ her minor or important disability. This add-on cover can cover for the loss of your pillion motorcyclist. Hence picking this cover with your normal insurance plan will certainly be beneficial for someone who is hurt while riding on your bike as a traveler.

3. Loss of devices

People nowadays adorn their bikes with many devices like Bluetooth devices, set of grills, fancy lights, seat package and so on as well as you might be one of them. These accessories can get harmed or shed throughout a mishap. This add-on cover can reimburse you for the messed up electric and also non-electric accessories of your bike.

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